About your Guide Joey Klutsch

My name is Joey Klutsch and I have been guiding my entire life. I am a second generation guide and grew up in the big game guiding profession working alongside my dad, Joe Klutsch where I continue to work to this day. I have lived my entire life in bush Alaska, in remote Bristol Bay where I hunt, fish, trap, and guide fishermen and hunters. At age 10 I took my first caribou and by age 16 I had harvested my first Brown Bear – a life changing event for me. After that I was hooked on hunting bears and guiding. Upon turning 18, I qualified for my Assistant Guide License and by 2007 I had earned my Registered Guide License (RG 1277). Throughout the years I have been privileged enough to guide for many species alongside some of the finest guides in the profession all across Alaska, including the Brooks Range, Kodiak Island, and of course the Alaska Peninsula which I call home.

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In 2012 I founded Aniakchak Guide Service, and shortly thereafter won through competitive prospectus bid a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Special Use Permit in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and one in Alaska Peninsula National Wildlife Refuge, where I operate in sole guide use areas.


Guiding has given me a great appreciation and respect for wild places and the fish and game species that inhabit them. My business motto of “Wilderness Fair Chase Hunts” reflects this. All of my hunts are conducted 100% fair chase, using the highest ethical standards –and always with respect to the wildlife. It is my goal to lead you on a true adventure hunt, the way hunters used to experience Alaska, teaching you along the way about the land, the fish and wildlife species and the mission/goals of the National Wildlife Refuges in Alaska.

Given my upbringing and lifelong commitment to the guiding profession, vast knowledge of the land and its animals, and expertise in finding, judging and hunting them, I can give you my word that you are in the best hands possible. My dedicated, highly professional and experienced crew of guides that work with me are equally qualified to lead you to the best hunting experience possible. I hope we can hunt together soon!