Brown Bear and Moose Gear

FOOT WEAR (Only the best boots) ❏ Waders: I recommend gortex style waist high waders such as: Simms G3 Guide Pant or Simms Freestone Pant, or Caddis Breathable Stockingfoot Waist High waders  ❏ Wading Bood : Simms G3 wading boot ❏ Wool Socks: I recommend at least 8 pairs of the highest quality sock such as Darn Tough or Smart Wool ❏ Crocks or other camp shoes

BASE LAYER ❏ Light weight Merino Wool Top (2 pair): Sitka Merino Core Lightweight Half-Zip or Kuiu Ultra Merino 145 Weight Zip-T ❏ Light weight Merino Wool Bottoms (2 pair): Sitka Merino Core Lightweight Bottom or Kuiu Ultra Merino 145 zip off bottom ❏


MID LAYER ❏ Mid Weight Shirt (1): Sitka Traverse ¼ zip, Barneys Nunivak or Wooly Mammoth ¼ zip, or Kuiu Peleton200 zip-t hoodie

PANTS ❏ Soft Shell Pants (1 pair): Outdoor Research Cirque Pant, Sitka Timberline Pant, Kuiu Guide Pant, Stone Glacier De Havilland Pant ❏ Wader Pants (1-2 pair): Simms ExStream Core Bottom or REI Teton Fleece Bottom

INSULATION LAYER (jacket, parka, pant. I prefer Synthetic Insulation for Moose and Bear hunts) ❏ Light weight puffy jacket (1) This should weigh about a pound and be highly compressible. This is your most used layer: Sitka Kelvin Lite Hoody or Kuiu Super Down Ultra Hooded Jacket,  ❏ Super warm puffy parka (1) should weigh no more than 2 pounds & be highly compressible: Barney’s Brooks Range Jacket Best), Kifaru Lost Parka, Sitka Kelvin Down WS Hoody, Kuiu Super Down Pro Hoody, Stone Glacier Grumman Jacket, ❏ Light Weight Puffy Pant (1 Pair): Kuiu Super Down Pant, Sitka Kelvin Lite Pant, Stone Glacier Grumman Pant, Kifaru Lost Pant, Barneys Brooks Range Pant

PACK (Only high quality packs!) ❏ Barney’s Pinnacle Pack is the best. Another great option is the Stone Glacier Sky Talus 6900 or 3300. *Any pack you bring MUST BE at least 3300 cubic inches

RAIN GEAR (Buy only the best rain gear!) ❏3/4 length Gore-tex or Rubber Rain Parka: Helly Hansen Impertech 2 guide parka ¾ length or Sitka Kodiak Jacket ❏ Rubber Rain Pants (optional): Helly Hansen Impertech 2 pants


OTHER GEAR ❏ Warm hat and ball cap ❏ Head lamp (2): Fenix HP25R ❏ Fleece Gloves (2 Pair): Sitka Jetstream Glove, Outdoor Research Mens Gripper Glove ❏ Waterproof Rubber Crabbing gloves (2 pair): Atlas Glove 490 or Atlas Glove 460 ❏ Head net, bug dope, sunscreen, camera, extra batteries

SLEEPING ❏ Light weight down sleeping bag rated between 0 and 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Should weigh between 2 and 3.5 pounds and be back pack style: Kuiu Super Down Sleeping Bag 0 or 15 Degree, Western Mountaineering Antelope MF 5 degrees, Stone Glacier Chilkoot 0 degrees ❏ Light weight sleeping pad: Thermarest NeoAir A XLite is the only way to go ❏ Minimum of 3 good lightweight compression stuff sacks: Sea to Summit Ultra Sil Compression Dry sack



RIFLE, AMMUNITION & OPTICS ❏ Caliber: 300 Win Mag., 300 WBY Mag, 338 Win Mag, 340 WBY Mag, 375 H&H, 375 Ruger ❏ Rifle: Quality stainless synthetic rifles such as Sako, Kimber Montana, or Winchester M70. ❏ Rifle Scope: I recommend high quality optics such as Leupold VX3 2.5-8.5 x 33mm or VX6 1-6 x 24.  Scopes capable of low zoom power are critical. No high zoom scopes! ❏ Binoculars: Swarovski, Leica, Zeiss – 10x42 are best. Use the best quality optics ❏ Bullet type: NO TARGET BULLETS!! Use only high-quality hunting bullets! I prefer Barnes TSX or TTSX by far. Swift A-Frame, Nosler Partition are also good